A Year of Wellness

New Year’s resolutions are hard. We make them, and by February we’ve completely forgotten we even made resolutions. I don’t usually make resolutions. Who sticks to them anyway? Instead, I try to set goals. Goals that are realistic and attainable. I want to make this a year of wellness and self-care. I’ve done pretty well over the last couple of years of slowly easing myself into better routines, but I’d like to make a priority. A Year of Wellness // The Krystal Diaries I work a sometimes stressful job, sitting in a cubicle all day. Glamorous right? I spend about an hour and 45 minutes each day commuting to and from work. I try to leave the stress at work and focus on other things once I’m out of the office and my wellness is one of them. I think adding a few more things to my self-care routine this year would really help me live a more balanced lifestyle. Add meditation to my daily routine. I know I’ve mentioned here and there that I’d like to try meditating each day. Nothing crazy maybe like 5-10 minutes tops. I added the Headspace app to my phone last summer (the free version), did it once and then never again. I liked it I just haven’t been able to find the time to actually sit down and meditate each day. This year I want to try and make it a priority. I don’t know if in the mornings is the best time to squeeze it in or at night? Drink turmeric tea each night. I’ve finally found a turmeric powder I like. Most turmeric tea powders I’ve tried I just haven’t liked the flavor. Right before Christmas I bought this one from Gaia  Herbs and I really liked it. It’s mixed with a couple of other things like dates, black pepper, vanilla, and ashwagandha. I know turmeric has plenty of benefits so besides my daily collagen I’d like to add this to my routine also. Stay on the workout train. I flip flop back and forth between sticking to an exercise routine and then taking a few weeks off when things get busy or I just get lazy and that’s ok but I’d like to even if I am busy workout two days a week at a minimum. I still love spin classes and Peloton Cycle so I’ll never give that up but I’ve recently purchased the BodyBoss workouts. I’ve done about 3 workouts from them and I really liked it. This year I want to focus on the BodyBoss workouts and keep up with at home spin classes. Walk daily. This is so much easier to do when the weather is nice. Winters in NY can be rough. Bomb Cyclone anyone? Once the 20 degree weather rolls in with the snow and ice it’s pretty hard to go for walks before or after work. So instead during the colder months, I’d like to go for walks on my lunch break around my building lobby (it’s big enough). Make time for reading more. I do like to read but I maybe read about one book a month. I really do have more time to read at night if I just watch less TV. I’d like to try and read about 2 books a month and cut out some of the TV time at night. Send me your book recommendations! You can add me on Goodreads too to see what I’ve read already. What changes are you going to try and focus on for 2018? What are some of your self-care tips?
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  1. 1.8.18
    Suchi said:

    Great write-up. And I totally agree with the idea of setting goals. Goodluck 🙂

  2. 1.8.18

    I’ve been hearing so many things about turmeric. It’s definitely something I need to check out and add to our daily routines. I also need to start yoga/meditation and walking daily, too!

  3. 1.8.18
    Rose said:

    That’s a long commute. I am already on the workout train and made great progress in my reading last year and plan to keep that going this year! I want to reflect and appreciate more on a daily basis. Right now I do this at night.

    • 1.8.18
      Krystal said:

      It’s a long commute for the miles I’m actually going. NY traffic is no joke!

  4. 1.8.18

    These are great goals! I also want to read more this year, so let me know if you read anything great!!

  5. 1.8.18
    theclutterboxblog said:

    That is quite the long commute! You should totally get an audible subscription and listen to your books during the drive. That way your reading while wasting time in traffic. Also good for you for doing that and still having a great attitude!

  6. 1.8.18

    Self-Care is always on my goal list. Better self-care anyway. I do yoga and write and they both take the edge off when I stress myself. I would like to be stress free this year. Then, wouldn’t we all 🙂

  7. 1.8.18
    Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine said:

    I also want to start walking more often. I hate the cold, absolutely hate it! Of course, it’s not as cold in Texas as New York, but it’s too cold for me to be outside right now.

  8. 1.9.18
    loisaltermark said:

    So funny because I’ve made many of these same goals. 2018 is going to be my year of wellness, too. Good luck to both of us!

  9. 1.9.18

    I have a similar work situation with you, so I loved hearing about your goals. I’d like to start taking collagen more consistently and read more this year! 🙂

  10. 1.9.18

    I love the idea of reading. I need my reading time at least once a day, and even though it usually isn’t too long (15-20 minutes) it’s enough to reset my mind, and I feel refreshed and ready to move on to the next task. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  11. 1.9.18
    Zoe said:

    I don’t have any suggestions but think that this is a great and thorough list. I also downloaded headspace last summer and have yet to use it 🙁 I would like to start meditating daily, I don’t know why this is so hard for me to accomplish!

    • 1.10.18
      Krystal said:

      It’s not easy to get into the routine!

  12. 1.10.18

    These are geat goals to start the year off. I really want to start reading every day!

    April | http://www.thebluehydrangeas.com

  13. 1.10.18

    Stick with the meditation! Once it becomes a part of your everyday routine you’ll miss it when you don’t.

    • 1.11.18
      Krystal said:

      I’m going to start giving it a try today! Do you recommend morning or night the best time to do it?

  14. 1.15.18

    I just added you on Goodreads! My goal is to read 50 books this year so my TBR list is very long 🙂

    • 1.15.18
      Krystal said:

      50 is a great goal! Can’t wait to see what you’re reading.

  15. 2.26.18

    I know that commute all too well and especially after sitting in a cubicle all day…it can really take a toll on our bodies + mental health.

    I try to get out and walk around the office with my coworkers at least once a day. I also love the Calm app for meditation. 🙂

  16. 4.5.18
    Susanne said:

    This is my goals for 2018 also. I’ve had struggles with all kinds of things lately and self love and self care is the only things I need right now. I’m interested in that turmeric tea! It’s supposed to be antiinflammatory – another thing I really need.
    Good luck with your goals!

  17. 1.11.19
    Ivanna said:

    These are all great goals, I am right there with you!

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