Baby’s First Easter Basket

I can’t believe Easter is only a month away! This will be Baby J’s first Easter and I was so excited to put together her first Easter basket, I might have gone a little overboard with it. Baby J is still so young, she’ll only be seven months so we won’t really be starting any traditions this year so I figured why not get her Easter gifts that are mostly practical and things I would have bought her coming up anyway. 

Here are 10 gift ideas for a baby’s first Easter basket.

Baby's first Easter basket gift ideas
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Basket | Carrot Teether | Wood Egg Shakers | Straw Cup | PJ Set | Baby Rash Guard Set | Matching Swimsuit Hat | Sunglasses | Beach Book | Baby Book in Spanish

The basket is from Pottery Barn, comes in two sizes and has a few liner options. I ordered it online and went with the large one. I think the size is perfect and the basket can be reused for years to come! I always like to get her books and these books are her favorite kind right now. They are non-toxic, chew proof, rip proof and can be washed. She’ll have started solids by Easter time so I figured a fun food themed book would be great and I loved that it’s in Spanish. Since summer will be here before we know it and I got her a cute swimsuit, beach themed book was perfect.

Next year, I’ll probably keep the gifts to a minimum since she’ll be old enough to start some traditions with her like Easter egg hunts and egg painting!

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Baby's First Easter Basket

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