Get To Know Your Gut Health

We all try to live a somewhat healthy life right?  Every day it seems like there is new news on what we should and shouldn’t be doing to improve our gut health. I try to live a balanced lifestyle. I drink kombucha, take vitamins including a probiotic, add collagen to my coffee and tea daily and have recently added MCT oil into my routine but I also like my donuts and cookies. I’m not perfect but I like to think my healthy choices are having a positive effect on my health. How can any of us really know if all these healthy lifestyle choices are really making a difference in our gut health? Biohm has just made it easier to know with their Gut Report Kit. Get To Know Your Gut Health // The Krystal Diaries This at-home test kit created by a microbiome scientist, Dr. Ghannoum, is super simple to use. The report kit gives a comprehensive review of your gut health. The test gives you insight into the types of bacteria and fungi living in your gut…the good and bad ones! This makes it much easier to know what diet and lifestyle changes are working or maybe not working as well as you thought. Get To Know Your Gut Health // The Krystal Diaries So for the not so glamorous part – you’ll have to take a fecal swab for this test, but hey at least you can do it in the privacy of your own bathroom. Who said getting to know your gut health was going to be pretty? So just use the swab provided by Biohm and return in their pre-paid package, fill out a quick questionnaire which will be emailed to you and you’ll receive your results in a couple weeks. Get To Know Your Gut Health // The Krystal Diaries I sent my sample back a few days ago and now I’m just waiting for my results. In the meantime, I’ll keep sipping my daily morning kombucha and taking my probiotics hoping they’re keeping my gut health in balance. Check back in a few weeks and I’ll share my results with you all! If you’re interested in getting to know your gut health you can get your own Biohm Gut Report Kit right here. What do you do to try and live a healthy balanced lifestyle?
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  1. 11.13.17

    Though I’ve always been on Team Donut, I would love to know what little changes I can make to help support my digestion and gut health. This kit seems super easy and extraordinarily helpful in keying us into the parts of our body that often get overlooked. Interested to read more about your results!

    • 11.13.17
      Krystal said:

      I fully support team donut too!

  2. 11.13.17

    I am 100% for doing a test in the privacy of my own home to get results about my intestinal health issues. This is going to help a lot of people!

  3. 11.13.17

    Well, let’s see – I take a probiotic every day – and digestive enzymes – and herbs…. 🙂

  4. 11.13.17
    Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine said:

    How awesome to be able to quickly and easily get results like this from the comfort of your home. It’s important and often overlooked when people think about their health.

  5. 11.14.17
    amandahrosson said:

    Ooh this is so interesting!! I suffer from an intestinal disease that exacerbates a lot of my gut issues so I have take probiotics and watch what I eat. I would love to try this out and see my results!

  6. 11.14.17

    I am gluten intolerant, so I’ve learned a lot about gut health in the past few years. I didn’t know there was a test kit available, this is a good option to going to the doctors to get checked.

  7. 11.14.17
    Lily said:

    Hmmm…this is quite interesting. Definitely cool that you get to do it at home though.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  8. 11.14.17
    Rose said:

    This looks interesting. Being able to take the test at home is convenient and helping figure out what ales them is always good.

  9. 11.14.17
    Cynthia said:

    I have to say my habits are not as good as yours, but in general I *think* I might have some good habits! This test looks super easy and would like to try it, it’s always good to know what’s going on with your body!

  10. 11.14.17

    I know my gut and I know that it hates me right now! I have not been good to it at all

  11. 11.14.17

    This sounds like a really easy test to do. I like being able to know how my body is at all times. I have four kids relying on me to be healthy!

  12. 11.15.17

    I am a little worried about the probiotics as I just recently saw things that talked about how they might do damage in other places. I will have to read more studies now on how they perform.

  13. 11.15.17

    Gut health is so important for overall wellness. I’ve never heard of this product but I’m interested in finding out more.

  14. 11.15.17

    Oh!! This is so interesting. Gut health is very important for our health wellness, and I have never heard about this product. I will definitely check this out.

  15. 11.15.17
    Eloise said:

    that’s pretty neat that they have home kits to check your gut health! Gut health is important and people don’t really think about it because it’s something that can’t be seen… But a healthy gut equals a healthy body and that always feels great! I’ll have to check this out ; )
    thanks for the heads up!

  16. 11.15.17

    This looks like an easy test to do in the comfort of your home. I have never thought of checking my gut but now I guess I am going to check it out. 🙂

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