The Mismatch

[usr 5]

Soraya Nazari is the daughter of Iranian immigrants. She's shy and never been kissed. Raised in a strict family, she's a recent college grad who is determined to finally hook up with a guy just to get it out of the way. She feels lost (like so many recent college grads do!) is struggling to "fit in" and isn't landing the dream job she thought she would. Then she meets Magnus who doesn't seem like her type but she quickly learns there's much more depth to him than she originally thought. She keeps their relationship secret from her family fearing what they would think of her dating outside the culture.

At first glance this seems like a light Rom-Com read with not much substance but boy was I wrong. This book is a very though provoking read. Soraya is Iranian and Magnus is white which leads to misunderstandings in their relationship. The chapters go back and forth between Soraya in present day and her mom, Neda during the 70s in Tehran. Soraya may think she has nothing in common with her mother but they've both had their struggles trying to hold respect their culture while living in a western country. Neda has her own private issues with her husband and an estranged daughter the family isn't allowed to talk about. It all comes to a blow when Soraya's secret relationship with Magnus is discovered by her family, her fathers secrets are out in the open and they find out the estranged sibling isn't as estranged as they thought. 

I always enjoy a romance with substance to it and this did not disappoint. 

Trigger Warning: Addiction, Physical Abuse

Currently available for pre-order. Pub date August 3, 2021. Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC.


Party of Two

Book Cover: Party of Two
Part of the The Wedding Date series:
  • Party of Two

[usr 4]

Olivia Monroe moves from the East Coast to LA to start her own law firm and falling in love is not in her plans. One night she's at a hotel bar and meets a man, Max, she can't stop thinking about. Turns out he's a California politician which is not who Olivia wants to get involved with. Max isn't who she thought he was and turns out to surprise her. He's nice and caring and maybe worth giving a shot.

This is the first Jasmine Guillory book I've ever read and maybe Rom-Coms will be a thing for me now because of her? I loved the writing style and it's such a sweet story. While it's a happy ending Rom-Com, Guillory touches on important topics like race and privilege, Olivia is Black and and Max is white. Olivia and Max have these conversations with each other and how it effects them personally and their relationship. 

If you're looking for a Rom-Com with some substance, then this is the one to read. Party of Two is part of Guillory's The Wedding Date series but this is a standalone story. 


The Comeback

[usr 4.5]

Grace Turner is a lifelong famous childhood actress who completely disappears from the limelight at the height of her career. No one really knows why but one year after leaving Hollywood, Grace is back. She has a big secret that she's been struggling with for years and is ready to expose it all. 

This book is painful and provocative. Grace made her Hollywood debut at a young age and was taken advantage of by people she should have been able to trust. Grace falls into a dark mental state with no outside support. Her family doesn't understand, her husband has no clue so she just continues to spiral into depression. It's a dark must read story. 


Greenwich Park

[usr 3.5]

Helen has what looks like the perfect life - a successful husband, a large family home, and a baby on the way but she is a little lonely being home all day by herself. She meets Rachel at one of her prenatal classes. Rachel seems odd, she smokes, drinks and doesn't eat healthy for a pregnant person. Rachel seems nice at first but her behavior starts to unsettle Helen and she starts to second guess the friendship. Rachel has ingrained herself into Helen's family but at what cost?

The book starts out slow but picks up half way through. Once it picked up it was impossible to put down and addicting. I needed to know what Rachel's deal was. Helen's husband is questionable too. He seems like he's checked out but then at times acts like he cares about Helen. Don't be put off by the slow start because it all makes sense in the end!

ARC from Netgalley


The Perfect Daughter

[usr 4]

Wow I really liked this book up until the end. It's dark, twisted and sad. Grace's daughter, Penny is accused of murder but she also has Dissociative Identity Disorder and Grace is convinced her daughter did not commit the murder. Grace is being held in a psychiatric hospital and falls under the care of a doctor who is willing to listen to Grace. In the past, Penny's doctors haven't wanted to officially diagnose her with multiple personalities but this new doctor is willing to go through everything and fully examine her to see if she really has it. Or is Penny just a talented sociopathic liar who is 100% capable of a gruesome murder?

The twist at the end really wasn't good though. It was so far fetched and made ZERO sense with the rest of the story. Ignoring the end though everything leading up to it was good!


Love à la Mode

[usr 2.5]

Rosie from a small town in Ohio is chosen to go to culinary school in Paris for a year run by one of the best chefs in the world. Her dream come true as an aspiring baker. Henry Yi from Chicago is chosen to spend the year in this program too.

Honestly, this book was enjoyable. I loved the culinary part and the Paris theme. As a fan of any cooking or baking shows this was really fun to read.There's so many details about Rosie's baking I could picture myself in Paris at a cafe enjoying her desserts.

What I didn't enjoy as much? The romance story between Rosie and Henry. Henry is an ass and I don't get why that was meant to be appealing and cute. The romance just fell flat. They meet on the plane, there's not much build up but they instantly fall for each other? I needed more than that. Rosie had another love interest and he was much nicer and respectful towards her but for some reason the author made Henry endgame which was disappointing. Nice girl falls for bratty jerk isn't the kind of romances that should still be written.