Greenwich Park

[usr 3.5]

Helen has what looks like the perfect life - a successful husband, a large family home, and a baby on the way but she is a little lonely being home all day by herself. She meets Rachel at one of her prenatal classes. Rachel seems odd, she smokes, drinks and doesn't eat healthy for a pregnant person. Rachel seems nice at first but her behavior starts to unsettle Helen and she starts to second guess the friendship. Rachel has ingrained herself into Helen's family but at what cost?

The book starts out slow but picks up half way through. Once it picked up it was impossible to put down and addicting. I needed to know what Rachel's deal was. Helen's husband is questionable too. He seems like he's checked out but then at times acts like he cares about Helen. Don't be put off by the slow start because it all makes sense in the end!

ARC from Netgalley


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