Love à la Mode

[usr 2.5]

Rosie from a small town in Ohio is chosen to go to culinary school in Paris for a year run by one of the best chefs in the world. Her dream come true as an aspiring baker. Henry Yi from Chicago is chosen to spend the year in this program too.

Honestly, this book was enjoyable. I loved the culinary part and the Paris theme. As a fan of any cooking or baking shows this was really fun to read.There's so many details about Rosie's baking I could picture myself in Paris at a cafe enjoying her desserts.

What I didn't enjoy as much? The romance story between Rosie and Henry. Henry is an ass and I don't get why that was meant to be appealing and cute. The romance just fell flat. They meet on the plane, there's not much build up but they instantly fall for each other? I needed more than that. Rosie had another love interest and he was much nicer and respectful towards her but for some reason the author made Henry endgame which was disappointing. Nice girl falls for bratty jerk isn't the kind of romances that should still be written.

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