Party of Two

Book Cover: Party of Two
Part of the The Wedding Date series:
  • Party of Two

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Olivia Monroe moves from the East Coast to LA to start her own law firm and falling in love is not in her plans. One night she's at a hotel bar and meets a man, Max, she can't stop thinking about. Turns out he's a California politician which is not who Olivia wants to get involved with. Max isn't who she thought he was and turns out to surprise her. He's nice and caring and maybe worth giving a shot.

This is the first Jasmine Guillory book I've ever read and maybe Rom-Coms will be a thing for me now because of her? I loved the writing style and it's such a sweet story. While it's a happy ending Rom-Com, Guillory touches on important topics like race and privilege, Olivia is Black and and Max is white. Olivia and Max have these conversations with each other and how it effects them personally and their relationship. 

If you're looking for a Rom-Com with some substance, then this is the one to read. Party of Two is part of Guillory's The Wedding Date series but this is a standalone story. 


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