The Girls Are All So Nice Here

[usr 3.5]

...or maybe not. Very I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Mean Girl vibes except it's ten years later and two used to be best friends meet up again at their college reunion. Ambrosia has curated a seemingly perfect life for herself with her caring husband but she clearly has a big secret from her past and is trying hard to keep the past in the past. When she gets an invitation to her college reunion trying to keep her past a secret becomes nearly impossible.

Chapters go back and forth between the present and Ambrosia's college years. This book is very dark and the girls are definitely not nice. Ambrosia's best college friend Sully is a horrible person. The reunion is a nightmare for the both of them with someone ready to out their big secret. But what is their big secret? This was one I wasn't able to guess.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Rape


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