The Push

[usr 4]

In this haunting psychological thriller a mother, Blythe, keeps seconding guessing herself. She's convinced there's something off with her daughter from he time she's a baby. Her daughter just isn't behaving like most babies do but her husband, Fox, dismisses her worries. He's convinced Blythe just needs time to adjust to being a new mother and needs more binding time. Then along comes Blythe and Fox's second child, a son, and Blythe develops the bond she'd been hoping for all along with her daughter. Then tragedy strikes. Is Blythe right or is she just paranoid? Her husband doesn't seem to believe her so she must just be paranoid right?

I really enjoyed this book. It's heartbreaking to see Blythe second guessed time and time again. Her worries are chalked up to just being an over worried mother. She's treated like she's crazy and it's frustrating that no one will truly listen to her. The ending was tragic, sinister and heartbreaking. Absolutely not a light read but so enjoyable.


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