The Wife Upstairs

[usr 4]

In this modern re-telling of Jane Eyre, Jane is in need of a fresh start, moves to Birmingham, and starts a job as a dog walker for rich families in a gated community. The story is a little predictable but highly enjoyable. Jane meets a wealthy widower, Eddie, in the gated community and they quickly build a relationship. Eddie's late wife, Bea and her best friend tragically passed in a drowning accident. Was it really an accident though? Jane is haunted by Eddie's deceased wife and begins digging around when things don't exactly seem what they are.

Even though the ending was easy to guess, this was still a really good thriller. All the characters have something to hide. Different points of view between Jane and Bea keeps you guessing and trying to make sense of it all. Who's the liar and who's telling the truth?


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