Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About Missing a Workout…and You Shouldn’t Either

I like to try my best to live a healthy lifestyle and I believe everyone should make the effort. Living a healthy lifestyle not only keeps me physically healthy but also keep me mentally sane. Working out for me is a destresser and I really do enjoy eating good for my body foods. Spinach and kale are two superfoods I’ve always enjoyed eating and salads have always been a favorite of mine, healthy or otherwise.
Let go of the missed workout guilt
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Recently, I started the 21 Day Fix. However, I did not stick to it for 21 days straight and that’s OK with me. I followed the entire program through from beginning to end, but it took me a little longer than 21 days.   Why did I miss a couple of workouts here and there? I have family, friends, and social obligations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking time away from a workout or two, to make memories with loved ones. I refuse to go down that path of guilt because I skipped a workout. Skipping a workout does not make you or me, lazy, unmotivated, or unhealthy. It just makes us human. Accept it and move on. Missing a workout does not mean you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. As long as you get right back into your routine in a day or two, it’s ok to live your life. Sometimes a workout just doesn’t fit in. I know most serious trainers or fitness gurus will not agree with me, and that’s ok. Workouts should be fun, the results should be enjoyable, and feeling guilty takes the fun out of it. How can the experience lead to positive results if it’s guilt-ridden? I personally do not think anyone should fall into a negative mindset over missing a workout. Don’t let anyone or yourself convince you otherwise. Do you feel guilty when you miss a workout?
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  1. Leanna wrote:

    I totally agree with you. I always feel guilty when I miss or skip a workout and I shouldn’t! I’m allowed to be too busy with social obligations or to just not be feelin’ it that day. It’s not falling off the bandwagon forever, it’s just one workout! Thanks girl! And congrats on doing the 21 day fix!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  2. stonec9 wrote:

    I used to feel guilty/lazy if I didn’t workout on a day I said I would. Now I’m a little better and more lenient, but sometimes I do feel guilty still. This was a refreshing read, and I totally agree with you. Life happens, and sometimes that doesn’t include a workout.

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  3. It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves, but we do need to give ourselves a break once in awhile!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  4. This is something I’ve worked on as well over the years. Life happens, so a few missed workouts won’t really make that big of a dent. What will is if you give up and don’t get right back on track!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  5. Brittany_WMSB wrote:

    Yes! This is so important! It’s easy to fall off the rails when missing a workout becomes a sign of self worth. Thank you!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  6. Totally agree- I almost think it’s a problem when working out becomes priority over family and just life in general. Working out should be something fun and fulfilling for yourself, not a chore or something to cause you guilt.

    xo Olivia | http://oliviadipede.com

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  7. Claudia wrote:

    Great post! I am not very good at consistency so this makes me feel a bit better haha 🙂

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  8. Before I had kids, I was a nut about working out. Now I just don’t have time to be as consistent as I used to be. I wish I could work out more, but I’m totally fine with a few times a week whenever I can squeeze it in!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  9. I’ve been the worst at workouts lately so I totally relate to this. Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon!

    Posted 8.22.16 Reply
  10. lastchance3 wrote:

    I keep hearing about this 21 day fix. What is it? lol. I don’t really get that upset if I miss one work out. It’s when I miss more than one that I start getting upset with myself.

    Posted 8.23.16 Reply
  11. Ashley wrote:

    Agreed! It’s hard to break the habit of laying on the guilt or feeling like you’re taking 5 steps back. But I’m learning to go with the flow. Get it in as much as I can. And be okay with that.

    Posted 8.23.16 Reply
  12. Fatima wrote:

    I used to feel guilty about missing the gym and I would tell myself the day I missed ONE day, I’d never go back. And surely enough, I missed a day and never went back. It was definitely all mental. Thankfully, the kids keep me active these days 🙂

    Posted 8.23.16 Reply
  13. chelseajacobs wrote:

    YES, so much yes.

    Posted 8.23.16 Reply
  14. Cara Owens wrote:

    This is great advice!I think this could be applied to other areas as well, such as blogging. Sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves with expectations and we have to remember we’re not perfect and we enjoy to just live life and have fun. Great post! 🙂

    Posted 8.23.16 Reply
  15. kristen wrote:

    i absolutely agree. life is not just 21 days, or a week, or a month. it’s more about consistency for your whole life vs this week or next. you miss a monday, not a big deal. miss a year – bigger deal 😉 that’s how i try and think of it lol

    Posted 8.26.16 Reply
  16. This post and concept is really important. There was research that came out several years ago in substance abuse. The data shows that people trying to change their habits of addiction fail at least six times before complete recovery takes a more permanent hold. The take-home was that counselors have to employ more long-term patience before they see success. I find the same principle to carry when you’re talking about fitness, diet, lifestyle. We are ultimately our own coach. We have to be patient with ourselves. Gently guide yourself back onto the path. And the difference from substance abuse that you’re advocating is that you also have to give yourself room to breathe, live, and be three dimensional. What’s the point in being healthy if you don’t truly live. Thanks for writing! 🙂

    Posted 8.29.16 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      This is very interesting. I can definitely see the relation between the two. Patience is key!

      Posted 8.30.16 Reply
  17. Lucy wrote:

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog! I’ve missed a workout today because there’s just too many other things to do. To be honest, sometimes I’ve missed more than one but I think it’s fair on ourselves to realise that sometimes our bodies just need time to do all the other things we enjoy!
    Life inside the Locket

    Posted 8.30.16 Reply
  18. Yes! I love this. I try not to get get bent out of shape when I miss a day or two during a week.

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply