Why Am I So Tired During Pregnancy? Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Fatigue

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

The Role of Nutrition in Pregnancy Fatigue

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster, isn’t it? One minute you’re marveling at the miracle growing inside you, and the next you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. Juggling work, family, and life while pregnant? It’s like having multiple full-time jobs. But here’s the truth: Your tiredness during pregnancy isn’t just because you’re juggling a lot. It’s also about what you’re putting in your body. Pregnancy fatigue isn’t easy and can take a toll but I have some easy tips you can start implementing today to get some relief.

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” Well, in the world of prenatal care, it’s more accurate to say, “Your pregnancy energy level is directly linked to what you eat.”

Pregnant women I’ve worked with, including myself during my own pregnancy, feel drained because, let’s be honest, in the rush of the day, it’s easier to reach for a ultra-processed quick snack. And sure, we all deserve a treat now and then. But making it a habit? That can seriously mess with your hormone balance, blood sugar, and ultimately drain your energy. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I can tell you that your nutritional choices are key when it comes to managing pregnancy fatigue.

So, if you’re asking, “Why am I so tired during pregnancy?”, your diet is definitely a piece of the puzzle you should be paying attention to.

Pregnancy Nutrition: How What You Eat Affects Your Pregnancy Fatigue

Nutrition during pregnancy directly impacts how well you feel, especially when you’re trying to manage those dips in energy. We often think about the development of the baby when considering what to eat, and rightly so. But let’s not forget: the nutrients you consume also dictate how you feel, especially when you’re battling first trimester exhaustion or general pregnancy fatigue.

Boost Pregnancy Energy with These Four Nutritional Powerhouses

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  • Leafy Greens for Liver Support: So, leafy greens like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and brussel sprouts are more than just a good side dish. These veggies are packed with antioxidants and sulfur-rich compounds. In pregnancy, your liver is working double-time thanks to increased blood volume and hormonal changes. Eating leafy greens helps your liver keep up, which in turn may alleviate some of that pesky pregnancy fatigue.
  • Vitamin B for an Energy Boost: If you’re running low on energy during pregnancy, consider Vitamin B as a vital component to recharge your energy levels. Foods like lentils, almonds, and leafy greens are great plant based sources, while meats like chicken and fish are great animal sources. Whenever possible, go for grass-fed and pasture-raised options; they’re a better choice for you and the baby.
  • Don’t Skip on Healthy Fats: Here’s the deal, fats are vital so don’t be scared of them and defiantly don’t avoid them. Not only do they help you feel full, but they’re also essential for hormone production and your baby’s brain development. Some healthy whole food sources of fats are avocado, coconut, and low-mercury fishes like salmon. Plant-based? Opt for flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts.
  • Why Iron is a Must: Simply put, iron is essential during pregnancy. It helps carry oxygen throughout your body, which is especially important when you’re feeling tired during pregnancy. Look to add foods like red meat, leafy greens, and eggs into your diet to keep your iron levels in check. Supplements can help, but getting iron from food is usually more effective and poses less risk of stomach issues.

Bottom line: you can’t completely eliminate pregnancy fatigue, but with the  right foods, you can definitely take the edge off. And hey, let’s face it, being pregnant is tough work. Give yourself a break, but also give yourself the nutrients you and your baby need to thrive.

The Three Essentials for Coping: Rest, Whole Foods, and Time Outside

Navigating pregnancy fatigue is a big deal, and it goes beyond just what you’re eating. There are three main lifestyle choices that can be real game changers for your energy levels and overall well being during pregnancy: getting enough sleep, sticking to a balanced diet of whole foods, and spending some quality time outdoors.

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  • The Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy: Sleep is more than just “shutting down” for a few hours. It’s your body’s prime time for repair, rejuvenation, and growth. When you’re pregnant, good sleep becomes even more crucial. It’s not just you anymore; your body is hard at work creating a new life. A solid sleep schedule can help balance hormones, aid in cellular repair, and reduce stress. Feeling tired? Don’t fight it. Give yourself permission to take that nap or kick your feet up.
  • Eating Mostly Whole Foods for Consistent Energy: Think of whole foods as the quality ingredients your body needs for sustained energy. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fats and proteins are what you should be aiming for. Whole Foods and minimally processed foods are low in additives and sugars, which means they release energy more slowly and keep those blood sugar levels steady. No more rollercoaster energy highs and lows. Plus, whole foods are packed with essential micronutrients needed for both you and your growing baby.
  • The Benefits of Spending Time Outside: Fresh air and natural light aren’t just good for the soul; they have tangible health benefits. Sunlight offers Vitamin D, crucial for energy and mood. Fresh air boosts oxygen circulation, which can give you that much needed pick me up. And let’s not forget the mental benefits. Being outside can reduce stress and clear your head. A quick stroll in the park or even just hanging out in your backyard can do wonders for your well-being.

Combining these three elements with better nutritional choices can set you up for a more comfortable and energetic pregnancy. This isn’t just about surviving your pregnancy; it’s about thriving during this special time. The combination of quality sleep, a balanced diet of whole foods, and some outdoor “me-time” offers a comprehensive approach to improving your pregnancy experience.

Need Help Fighting Pregnancy Fatigue? Let’s Work on it Together!

You’re doing an incredible job growing a new life, but you don’t have to do it alone or feel exhausted all the time. Simple changes like getting better sleep, eating nutrient-dense foods, and spending some time outdoors can make a world of difference in how you feel during pregnancy.

For those who feel like you need a little extra guidance, I’ve got your back. My specialized program focuses specifically on expectant mothers. We’ll dive into your daily routines, the foods you’re eating, and figure out how to boost your energy levels and overall well-being during this crucial time.

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Don’t forget, the decisions you make for your own health have a direct impact on your baby’s health too. Cherish each positive choice you make and don’t be too hard on yourself. Your baby is already lucky to have you taking steps to make their entry into the world as healthy as possible.

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