Where to Buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Fall 2021

Shopping for baby clothes can be hard when you don’t know the gender. Maybe you’re pregnant and don’t know the gender yet or you’re shopping for a friend. Or sometimes you just want something a little less girly or boyish. Either way there are so many cute gender neutral baby clothes for the fall that aren’t overly boyish or girly. 

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  1. Two Piece Moon & Stars Set | 2. Jean Jacket | 3. Gray Cardigan | 4. Faux Fur Trimmed Layette | 5. Hooded Cardigan | 6. Gray Layette | 7. Romper Set | 8. Sweater Booties | 9. Blue Cardigan | 10. Orange Cardigan

Early on in my pregnancy, I found shopping for baby clothes hard. I’d walk into stores and everything was separated by gender. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was either super pink, blue or plastered with my little princess or prince sayings. If I’m being honest, even if we decided to find out the gender before birth, that’s just not really my style. Not that I don’t like pink or blue because I do but I don’t think girls always have to be in pink and boys don’t always have to be in blue.

So naturally I turned to online shopping and I’ve found so many cute gender neutral baby clothes that could work for either a boy or girl! Here are some of the baby clothes I bought from Target. 

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I can’t wait to dress baby in these outfits for the fall! It takes a little more searching through the boy and girl sections but there are so many cute gender neutral baby outfits out there. Even though something might be labeled baby girl sweater or baby boy romper, it can still work for either gender.

Here are some more stores with really cute gender neutral baby clothes I’ll be shopping from after baby is born.


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Bohemian Mama

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Burt’s Bees Baby

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Solly Baby

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If you’re trying to find more gender neutral options, try searching by unisex, neutral clothes, look for clothes in whites, creams, grays, burgundy, rust/oranges – think boho. The colors don’t ALWAYS have to be green or yellow. Blues and pinks still work to no matter the gender. Search small owned shops, they sometimes have more neutral options than some bigger stores.

If you’re shopping for your own baby, leave room for accessorizing. You can always find accessories to complement the gender neutral option. Think bows, bow ties, sunglasses, hats that are either more girly or boyish, and shoes.

Having gender neutral baby clothes makes it easier to hand down to siblings and friends too!

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Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Fall 2021

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