Pregnancy Must Haves

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the announcement already but I’m expecting my first baby! As I hit publish on this post I’m 22 weeks, more than half way through! 

I’m trying to keep things pretty simple with this pregnancy. I don’t feel like tons of things are needed for such a short amount of time but I do have a few things that I swear have been lifesavers for me so far and I think are pregnancy must haves. I am not an expert I’m just sharing what’s worked for me so far.

Pipette Belly Oil & Butter. I purchased this bundle and it lasts a long time. I’ve been using it daily morning and night on my belly, thighs, and butt. I haven’t had any itchy skin issues since using this. I have stretch marks on my thighs from growth spurts as a teenager and I know stretch marks are mostly genetic but I figure using a good oil and body butter can only help! Pipette uses clean ingredients and is EWG verified!

Birthing/Yoga Ball. I started having lower back pains pretty early on, around 10 weeks. Turns out it’s my sacroiliac joint and I’ve been working with a Webster certified Chiropractor to relieve the pain. My Chiro and Doula both recommended sitting on a birthing ball throughout the day when I’m working. It helps to relieve the pressure on my lower back. I think it’s made a big difference! 

Serola Belt. Another recommendation from my chiro to help support the sacroiliac joint. I put this on first thing in the morning when I wake up and wear it for a couple hours. If you’re having lower back pains, check with your OBGYN, Midwife, or Chiro and ask if this belt could help you. 

Mommy Steps Insoles. Did you know when you’re pregnant your body releases the hormone relaxin which causes your joints to loosen in preparation for birth. This plus the weight of a growing belly can sometimes cause the arch in your foot to collapse which is what contributes to some people’s feet going up in size during pregnancy! To help avoid this, I bought these as soon as I found out I was pregnant. There’s two versions, one for sneakers and one for flats/casual shoes. I bought both and just switch them out depending on which shoes I’m wearing. I haven’t had any foot pains so far or a change in my shoe size.

Thorne Prenatal Vitamins. These were recommended to me by my Naturopath and I actually started taking these before I got pregnant. These prenatals have Folate which is different than Folic Acid. Some people can’t absorb Folic Acid properly due to a MTFHR mutation. It was important to me to take a prenatal with Folate instead of Folic Acid just in case!

Garden of Life Prenatal Probiotic. These probiotics are specially formulated for pregnancy. They have special strains that could help keep the good bacteria balanced throughout pregnancy. It may help in preventing GBS later on in pregnancy too. 

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow. I’ve always been a back sleeper. Even if I start off on my side I eventually roll over onto my back. It’s recommended to not sleep on your back starting in your second trimester so I’ve been using this to help me stay on my side. It’s comfortable and doesn’t take up the entire bed like some other pregnancy pillows! 

Hydroflask. Staying hydrated is so important. It’s easy to fill this up a couple times a day and keep up with drinking the water I need. I have the 40 oz but there’s a few different size options. Bonus it keeps the water cold throughout the day! 

This post is not meant to be a substitute for informed medical advice from a doctor. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, starting a new fitness routine, or if you’re pregnant.

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