Safe Natural Sunscreens for Babies and Kids

This is my first summer as a mom. That means trips to the beach, parks and spending a lot of time outdoors. It also means baby needs extra sun protection.

Shopping for a safe natural sunscreen for babies isn’t easy. There are so many options but not all sunscreens are nontoxic or reef safe. Recently, the Environmental Working Group updated their list of safe sunscreen and this year it has info on benzene and the sunscreens that include it. Remember last year’s recall of sunscreens containing benzene?

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What to Look for in a Non Toxic Sunscreen

Stick to mineral sunscreens and avoid chemical based ones. Mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin and isn’t absorbed the way chemical sunscreens.

Stay away from sunscreens with benzene in them. Benzene is a known carcinogen and there are still some with this ingredient even though many pulled their products off shelves.

The FDA has requested more research on the popular oxybenzone ingredient and hasn’t classified it as safe. It’s a common ingredient so something to be aware of!

EWG also recommends staying away from spray sunscreens now too. I find them very convenient for touch ups but wouldn’t use them on my baby because I’d be worried about her breathing it in or it getting in her eyes. I probably won’t be replacing my spray sunscreen once it’s done.

Always read the ingredient label. A lot of products labeled as natural are just green-washed. The apps I always use to help me decide when I’m not sure about certain ingredients are EWG’s Healthy Living, Clearya, and Think Dirty.

Safe Nontoxic Sunscreens for Babies & Kids

Earth Mama Baby Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40 Lotion. This Earth Mama natural sunscreen is the one I’ve chosen to use for my baby. We have the stick sunscreen too for easy touch ups. Earth Mama’s products have worked really well for baby and me. The diaper balm, calendula oil, nipple balm, and deodorant are favorites in our home.

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. This natural sunscreen for babies is fragrance free. Pipette is another brand I trust. I used Pipette’s Belly Butter and Oil all throughout my pregnancy, never had itchy skin and very minimal stretch marks.

Thinkbaby Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion. Thinkbaby’s nontoxic sunscreen is reef safe and water resistant. Thinkbaby has a stick version too for touch ups and on the go.

Badger Baby Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40. Badger’s sunscreen without chemicals has so many positive recommendations from other natural minded mamas! It has a light chamomile scent and is an organic sunscreen.

Attitude Baby & Kids Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion. This sunscreen is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Their deodorant is really good too plus I love that their brand keeps sustainability in mind.

Two Peas Organics Sunscreen SPF 30. This organic sunscreen is water resistant and fragrance free.

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Natural Sunscreen for Babies and Kids

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