Summer Beauty Routine for Oily Skin

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Summer 2020 is turning out to be a very different summer than I think anyone had planned. I don’t think anyone could have imagined living through a pandemic but here we are. I won’t be going into the office all summer and I’m choosing to continue to social distance, so there’s no need to do a full face of makeup. I never like having heavy makeup on when it’s hot and humid out anyway.

My summer beauty routine has completely changed. I’m still putting makeup on for those days when I have Zoom meetings but it’s much lighter. My skin is oily/combination acne prone and I hate when makeup just melts right off or looks greasy. I think I’ve finally figured out which products stay put and don’t irritate my skin.

Caudalie – VineActiv Vitamin C Anti-Wrinkle Serum. A vitamin C serum every morning is a must for me. This one is light, hydrating, and helps fight uneven skin texture. After years of battling cystic acne, I definitely have acne scars that could use some help. Bonus – this is the only vitamin C serum I’ve used that doesn’t pill up under lotions or makeup.

Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel. This eye cream is light, has a cooling effect and stays put. No melting or getting in my eyes and stinging.

Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream or Origins – A Perfect World SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea. I change up which moisturizer I use depending on the day. If I’m going to be inside all day then I use the Mamonde one. It’s really light and just melts into my skin but it doesn’t have SPF. The Origins moisturizer is for the days I know I’ll be outside since it has SPF 40. It’s doesn’t leave a white cast and rubs in pretty easily. It is thick but not greasy at all. Having acne prone skin makes finding a moisturizer with a high SPF is really hard because most of them are too greasy and melt right off but not this one.

Herbivore – Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist. I honestly have no idea if face mists even do anything but I like them and this one is refreshing and doesn’t have a strong scent.

Jade Roller. I jade roll every morning. It helps me wake up and de-puffs my face.

Beauty by Popsugar Be Calm Lip Save. My lips are dry any time of year and I’m also really sensitive. Most lip balms make my lips worse. This one is thick, not sticky, and doesn’t need to be reapplied constantly. It’s replaced the Vaseline one I used to use and works way better!

If I’m not getting on any Zoom calls this is where I stop for the day. If I have meetings or I’m quickly going out, then I put a little makeup on.

Sephora Collection Primer. The goal is always to keep my makeup on my face so a good primer is a must. Without it, makeup doesn’t go on as easily and starts to breakup after a couple of hours.

Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer. This is super lightweight, has SPF 30, and is lightly tinted. It’s not full coverage and doesn’t cover some of my darker acne scars but I’m ok with that. I use shade 4N1 Wheat. The shade selection is ok. I’d like to see wider selection of shades.

Tula Rose Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm. I’ve been skipping the under eye concealer and just use this brightening balm. It’s cooling and adds a very subtle highlight.

bareMinerals – BOUNCE & BLUR Blush. A pretty powder blush and it’s easily buildable. Mauve Sunrise is my go-to shade.

Beauty by Popsugar Thick + Thin Mascara. I received this mascara a while ago in a PR box and it’s been my favorite mascara since. I’ve tried others but keep going back and buying this one. It’s not clumpy at all and has a thick brush for the top lashes and a thinner brush for lower lashes.

Glossier Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo. My brows need help. I spent years plucking and now there’s some gaps I like to fill in. Brow Flick is natural looking and stays put all day. Boy Brow helps hold my brows in place. It has never melted off ever!

Kat Von D – Lock-It Setting Powder. A setting powder is necessary to keep everything in place. This one is translucent and a little bit does the trick. It sets everything in place and helps keep the oiliness away.

There you have it, my summer beauty routine. It’s not low key or minimalist but it’s paired down compared to my usual routine. My goal is always to keep my makeup on my face and after years of trial and error these products are working really well.

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  1. Taylor wrote:

    I’m always looking for the perfect brow product, and I’ve heard such great things about Boy Brow — I’ll need to give it a try. Also, I totally feel ya on the need for Vitamin C Serum. It’s been a total game changer for me!

    Posted 8.25.20 Reply
    • Krystal wrote:

      I’ve tried so many brow products and Glossier is the only one that works for me!

      Posted 8.25.20 Reply