Summer Vacation Packing List: Your Summer Trip Essentials

Have I ever mentioned I love the summer 😉 The longer days, relaxing at the beach or pool. Having more family time. Having the time to take off work and travel!

Just in time for your summer travels, whether it’s a weekend getaway, week long adventure or a day trip to the beach, here is your summer vacation packing list for you and the family.

Beach view of ocean, cabanas and greenery

Sunscreen. Never forget the sunscreen. Whether you’re going to the beach, city, or a bed & breakfast chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time outside so pack a nontoxic reef safe sunscreen.

Packable Hats. The perfect stylish added layer of sun protection. A packable hat won’t get ruined in your luggage and you don’t have to wear it while flying if you don’t want to.

Sunglasses. Protecting your eyes is important too and they’re the perfect people watching accessory.

Swimsuits. Even if you’re not going to the beach bring one just in case there’s a pool where you’re staying or you happen by a spa with a pool.

Comfy Shoes. Flip flops or sandals and slip on sneakers for longer walks. These slip on sneakers are my favorite because they’re so soft and provide enough support for all day walking.

Aloe Vera. Just in case you get a sunburn you’ll need that relief.

Tote Bag. One big enough to carry everything to the beach or pool but also packable so it will fit in your luggage or double as carryon.

Waterproof Phone Bag. If you want underwater pictures and videos then you need this. Or just if you’re worried about dropping your phone in the pool.

Wet Dry Bag. It’s really convenient to have this to store the wet swimsuits when leaving any water activity.

Water Shoes. Some beaches and lakes are really rocky and water shoes will help protect your feet.

Kindle. If you want to read while at the beach or pool. The Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t have a glare and it’s waterproof! I love mine and always travel with it.

Bug Repellent. Bugs are unavoidable during the summer. This natural kid safe bug repellent from Earthly works great! If you want a spray bug repellent the one from Babyganics and Aunt Fannies are both Deet free.

Sand & Waterproof Mat. A sand proof and water proof mat are so much easier than sitting on a towel.

Lightweight Towel. A lightweight, sand resistant towel to dry off quickly.

What to Pack if You’re Traveling with Kids

Cooler. A cooler for beach trips to store all the snacks, bottles and drinks.

Pop up Beach Tent. To give the kids a spot to cool off out of the sun.

Beach Umbrella. If a tent is too big to bring to the beach, then an umbrella is a good alternative!

Rolling Cart. If you’re driving and have the room in your car a rolling cart is a life saver. It’s an easy way to bring everything back and forth from the car to the beach in one trip.

Useful Extras to Pack

Compression Packing Cubes. Help keep everything organized in your luggage.

First Aid Kit. Especially if you’re traveling with kiddos. You can buy one or put one together yourself.

Reusable Water Bottle. Preferably one that keeps water cold all day like a Hydroflask.

Portable Phone Charger. No one wants to be out all day and realize their phone is dead.

Wipes. You can use them to clean up anything not just diaper changes.

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