The Best At Home Workouts for Moms

Last updated on January 10th, 2024 at 04:53 pm

Parenthood changes a lot of things. Old routines are out the window and finding the time to workout consistently isn’t easy. Getting to the gym can be nearly impossible if you have a small infant or your local gyms don’t have a daycare. At home workouts for moms are much easier to fit into your day.

Getting in some sort of daily exercise is important for my mental health. It always has been even before becoming a mom. Quick At home workouts make it so much easier if I only have ten minutes to squeeze something is while baby is engaged in self play, It doesn’t matter the day or time, I can workout according to my schedule.

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Do I miss in person exercise classes? Yes, sometimes but that’s not the season of life I’m in right now and I’ve accepted that. I’ve always been more into at home workouts than going to the gym anyway.

With all the at home workout options, picking one hard sometimes. How do you know which one to choose? Here are a few at home workouts for busy moms that I’ve tried, enjoyed and really think you will too.

Bonus, with these at home workout workout programs you don’t need equipment. Just your body weight and a few small workout accessories you can easily store under your bed, in a closet or in a basket in the corner.

The Bloom Method

If you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant or anywhere in your postpartum journey The Bloom Method is one of the best programs I’ve done. It focuses on breath work while keeping your body strong to help prevent pregnancy injuries and help heal diastasis recti. There are a lot of options for ten minute quick workouts for busy moms and longer workouts for when you have that extra time. Don’t let the slow pace of the movements fool you. They’re tough and it’s a great workout.


Barre3 has hundreds of on demand classes available making it easy for you to squeeze in whenever you can. They offer traditional barre classes, cardio, strength and prenatal & postnatal classes too! They help create a workout pan based on your goals and each week you get personalized on demand class recommendations! Takes the guesswork out of trying to pick a class yourself.


If you’re looking for something a little more structured but still quick, BodyBoss is a 3 days a week, 24 minutes a day for 12 weeks. The 24 minutes doesn’t include any warmup or post workout stretches so that does add on extra time. These are good workouts to do during nap time or when you have some extra hands around to keep an eye on the kids. What I like about this one is there is no monthly subscription. You buy it once and it’s yours forever. You can buy just the book, online access which has videos or both.


You don’t need the bike or the tread to do Peloton workouts! I have the bike but I’ve been taking their classes for years before I purchased the bike. They have guided outdoor running classes, yoga, strength, boxing, meditations, stretching and a lot more. If indoor cycling or treadmill running is your thing and you already have your own equipment you can still do their classes either on demand or live. Peloton has recently added more postpartum classes too.


Walking is totally free and you can do it anywhere. Strap baby into a carrier and head outside. If the weather isn’t nice out, you can walk around your home. Just chasing around little ones is a workout most days! Getting outside and going for a quick walk is great for your mental health too. If you want to step it up a bit, strap some ankle weights on during your walk outside or around your home.

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