Winter Skincare Routine for Combo Skin

Harsh cold winters can be brutal on your skin. Even for combination skin like mine, Northeast winters can wreak havoc and leave my face dry and peeling. Last time I shared my winter skincare routine was five years ago! My skin has changed since then and so have the products I use so here’s an update on what is currently working for me. These are my favorite products for keeping my skin hydrated without making it greasy or flaring up any acne. 

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First step every evening if I’ve been wearing makeup is using a cleansing balm. It’s not drying like makeup removing wipes can be. I then follow up with a cleanser. I actually have two favorites. I switched to using the foaming hand soap from Branch Basics when I ran out of my regular cleanser and I just kept using it. It doesn’t leave my skin with that dry stripped feeling. If you’d rather use a traditional cleanser, this Cetaphil one is a favorite of mine. I’d still highly recommend it and I still use it when I travel.

Three nights a week I use this hyaluronic acid serum from Dr. Zenovia. The key is to use a hyaluronic serum over damp skin. HA serums help lock in moisture. So before putting the hyaluronic serum on, I spritz this rosewater spray on my skin, then follow up with the serum.

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I let the HA serum sit for about 10 minutes, then I layer on this moisturizer from Aveeno. It’s my favorite because it’s light, non-greasy but very moisturizing.  I use this eye cream mornings and nights.

A few nights a week I finish with this facial oil from Josie Maran

Two nights a week, I like to use this mask from Kate Somerville. It’s kind of hard to find now which is kind of a bummer but I did find it here.

There you have it, my current winter skincare routine to prevent dry peeling irritated skin. 

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Winter Skincare Routine

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